• Welcome to International Development at MIT Sloan!

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  • Welcome to International Development at MIT Sloan!

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About Us

MIT Sloan strives to create leaders in the world, for the world. There is nowhere more apparent than in the realm of international development. We have engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, development experts, professors and investors all striving to create an ecosystem that promotes international development.

The Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) is a student-led organization that shares this vision. We are a group of over 130 students who seek to drive sustainable global development through entrepreneurship, by fostering productive collaborations between students and new ventures in emerging markets and by raising awareness of current challenges and success models.

Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development (SEID) is the intersection of international development and entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan. We host action learning projects with entrepreneurs worldwide, provide career support for MBAs, and gather academic and extracurricular resources for international development.

General Email: seidofficers@sloan.mit.edu


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We are in the process of building a LinkedIn Group for SEID alumni. Please check back soon for further details.

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Get Involved

We welcome your enthusiasm. If you have questions, suggestions, or want to let us know about any interesting classes, projects, job opportunities, or other events, please contact us at seidofficers@sloan.mit.edu


in a SEID project


as a SEID member to find out about events, job opportunities, grants, and competitions related to international development


to the broader social enterprise / international development ecosystem


with SEID as an entrepreneur and work with us on a project.

MIT offers students resources to grow international development skills

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MIT offers a number of extraordinary


Almost every class from finance, marketing, operations, communications, entrepreneurship, economics, etc. is applicable to a career in International Development. The skills and knowledge necessary to build and manage a company in the developed world are the same as those needed in International Development. In this context, the list of courses below are just a small sampling of what we learn, explore, and do at MIT Sloan. Additionally, there are other courses across MIT and Harvard.

Action Learning Labs

Global Entrepreneurship Lab

India Lab

China Lab

Global Health Lab

Sustainability Lab

Study Tours

Classes offered in

Fall 2014

15.014 Applied Macro- and International Economics (Formerly Macroeconomics, Development, and Sustainability

15.232 Business Model Innovation: Global Health in Frontier Markets

15.375J D-Lab: Development Ventures

15.657J Sustainability, Trade, and the Environment

15.772J D-Lab: Supply Chains

Classes offered in

Spring 2015

15.218 Global Economic Challenges

15.376J Media Lab Entrepreneurship: Digital Innovation

15.385 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

15.913 Strategies for Sustainable Business (spring H1)

15.915 Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab) (spring H2)

15.S66 Special Seminar: Opportunities in the Developing World

(May be offered in future)

Other Classes

15.023J Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy

15.127J Designing and Sustaining Technology Innovation for Global Health Practice

15.395 Entrepreneurship Without Borders

15.972 Professional Seminar in Sustainability

15.S15 Entrepreneurship and Prosperity in Low Income Countries

There are a number of

Career Opportunities

Career paths in international development span a variety of industries and functional roles. To navigate this diverse pool of opportunities, Sloan Entrepreneurs for International Development together with Sloan Career Development Office provide a variety of resources and networks to students interested in careers in international development, including:

– Career panels featuring current students and seasoned professionals. We offer these early in the fall semester and focus the discussion on the skill sets and ways and timing to get involved

– Speaker series

– Visits to social enterprises, international organizations, non-profits, financial institutions, and other organizations in the development field

– Networking events

– Regular job postings in the weekly SEID newsletter

– A resume book where visiting employers who are looking for students interested in social impact and international development can easily find SEID members information

Overview of our


What are SEID Projects?

Each year, SEID manages the execution of more than 15 projects that connect first-year Sloan MBA students to social enterprises across the world to tackle key organizational questions and challenges. Teams of 4-5 Sloan students work together throughout the semester with their host Organization through and often use the winter break to travel and work on-site with their host Organization. Projects cover a range of functions, from market entry strategy to operational process improvements, geographies, and industries and our Projects VPs aim to match students and organizations based on interests and profiles. SEID Projects truly embody the heart of SEID, as we aim to further entrepreneurship in international development through targeted business collaboration for unique social enterprises around the world.

How are SEID Projects different from G-Lab / S-Lab / D-Lab and other project-based classes?

SEID Projects differ from these classes in three ways:

1. Unlike the classes, SEID projects are entirely student-led. This offers SEID teams unique flexibility in terms of scheduling meetings and work time, but it also means that there is no formal faculty intervention or grading.

2. While travel opportunities are usually a big reason students choose to participate, travel to work onsite with the entrepreneur is neither expected nor subsidized, and is arranged on a case by case basis with the entrepreneur.

3. SEID projects are open to first year students during their first semester, offering them an immediate opportunity to gain experience in consulting, entrepreneurship, emerging markets, and social impact.

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Work with SEID

Applications for entrepreneurs to work with a SEID team on a Project during Fall 2015 will be available soon.

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If you wish to join SEID and be included on our weekly email, which includes updates on upcoming events, competitions, grants, and job opportunities, please contact the current SEID officers at seidofficers@sloan.mit.edu.